Summer Appeal 2014

“I was introduced to Ali’s Alliance almost 2 years post treatment. At the time I was seeking information on long term chemotherapy side effects & driving myself nuts searching all over creation. Not only did the database help me easily zero in on those resources and support groups in my area, but it opened my eyes to organizations and services I didn’t even know existed. It’s kinda like how you can’t ask the questions if you don’t know what to ask ~ Ali’s database made me aware of questions I didn’t even know I should or could be asking. I only wish it had been in existence during my diagnosis & treatment. It would have saved me countless time & frustration!” ~ Kelly

Atdoctor with patient Ali’s Alliance, we believe that cancer patients and their caregivers should have access to all of the support and services they need to improve their health and well-being.

Your generosity means so much…Your support makes it possible for people facing cancer to find the service providers, treatments, complementary therapies, social services, research and support they need—in their local area or anywhere in the U.S.

We couldn’t do it without you. Many patients and their families struggle to find the help they need in their area. Ali’s Alliance will “hold their hand” in finding those precious resources.

Please consider making a donation today on our secure website,–39-s-Alliance-FVA1O0P3/121

Thank you!


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