Posted by: alisalliance | July 5, 2021

Time for the Next Chapter

July 5th 2021 the non-profit cancer patient advocacy organization Ali’s Alliance Inc. will end its online presence and begin terminating its legal existence.

Ali’s Alliance Inc. was founded slightly over ten years ago to connect cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers with the most current and relevant resources available regarding treatment and support close to home.

We believed better information would lead patients and caregivers to better outcomes and ultimately a better quality of life.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone diagnosed with cancer to first of all get a second opinion.  Mistakes happen and there are maligned actors in healthcare.  Second, recruit an advocate (healthcare buddy) to attend appointments with you, take notes and ask questions. It is very difficult to make informed well thought out decisions when your consciousness is drifting in and out of your emotional brain stem.  Consider quality of life not just quantity of life.  Many treatments will prolong your time in treatment, not necessarily the life you want to lead.

Try as we might Ali’s Alliance Inc. has failed to find sustainability and the time has come to move on.  As we close this chapter I would like to thank the many steadfast supporters of this effort.

Thank you Kelly Seitz (along with Charlie and Barbara), Susan Schwed, Paul Ramkissoon, Ann B. Paton, William Weinstock Jr., David Trumpler, Margaret Chatham, Mary Jean Houlahan, Mary Cowan, Lori Herrala, Kelly Buist, Gregg Fields PhD., Michal Lobsinger and all those individuals have lent a hand over the years.

Additionally, I want to thank two very special powerhouse individuals who are no longer with us.  Thank you and God’s speed to Sherry Shive and Derek Felbinger.


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