Posted by: alisalliance | April 8, 2015

Meet David Cowan

DJC M_C PromoPic2011David Cowan was born in upstate New York. His service in the United States Marine Corps, with two meritorious promotions shows he is a natural leader, managing through complex challenges and guiding others to do the same. Gaining a BA degree from the University of Colorado, he has established and operated diverse businesses, and a non-profit. David is a perpetual risk-taker who commits to endeavors which resonate with passion and serve a greater good.

For more than 10 years David has operated a videography and photography company in which he markets and sells products and services for web- and cloud-based videos, and for TV broadcasts. As an avid scuba diver, scuba instructor and champion of the ocean, his products include underwater ocean videos used in restaurants, assisted care facilities, for those with autism, for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and more.

After becoming the primary caregiver to his wife, Alison Arnesen Cowan, until her passing, David now leads a non-profit, Ali’s Alliance, her namesake. This organization provides free, online support and resources for cancer patients and their caregivers. He developed the concept for this non-profit, leads its Board, and has been instrumental in its growth, management and fundraising efforts. Volunteers, staff and the Board are inspired and encouraged by David’s leadership and enthusiasm.

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