Posted by: alisalliance | February 9, 2015

Introducing Sherry Shive: Board Member at Ali’s Alliance

Sherry Shive

Sherry Shive: Board Member at Ali’s Alliance

Who would have thought that a young South-Central Pennsylvania woman, who excelled in seeing the light-hearted side in everything and filling the room with laughter, would start a credit card processing company. That particular woman is Sherry Shive and she is the mastermind behind BottomLine Pros LLC.

In 2004, Sherry began her mission to help businesses make the right choice. She envisioned the need that businesses and non-profit organizations give all their customers an easy payment choice. “When I shop, I go for the entire experience – that makes me want to return to that establishment,” says Sherry. BottomLine Pros fills the need to helping with all major credit and debit card transactions. They need wireless, portable, cellular, and counter-top programs for the fast-paced purchases done in and outside store sites. “Why stop there, let’s also help with international accounts,” says Sherry. Customers shop around the world, and the trust factor is definitely desired during those transactions. BottomLine Pros custom designs payment solutions for your business. It can be an integrated or a stand alone, branded with your logo.

BottomLine Pros have no monthly minimums. Companies are provided with next day funding on all cards.

The clients of BottomLine Pros brag about our friendly and outstanding help desk and technical support. We assign a person account manager to help you with your account.

Sherry’s business belief is to help businesses have effective and profitable solutions. In her quest to service businesses, she will reach out to her other businesses to provide additional services, products and support for their own clients. In one such case, she developed a payment URL that will collect the customer data for a new account that did not have their own website to collect the payments or data to grow their business. Sherry’s realization of providing this specific product was that if one business needed it – there may be more that would benefit from it. She provided the product to the client at a for less cost than the cost of development, knowing she would have an opportunity to help more businesses in the future and make a profit later rather than now.

Sherry has always had a passion to help businesses be successful and prosperous. She saves businesses money and time and gives back to the community in charity work or financial support.

When Sherry is not establishing a new customer account, she recharges by helping baby turtles make it safely to the water after hatching on the South Florida shore. Indoors, Sherry is doing her part to conquer cancer, as she turns ‘straw into gold’ by sewing colorful squares of fun fabric into take home pillowcases for kids in hospitals undergoing cancer treatments through the organization

Sherry is presently on the board of Ali’s Alliance, a national searchable database for cancer services. We are the one-stop address to obtain financial, medical and emotional help for families experiencing the tragedy of cancer.

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