Posted by: alisalliance | January 13, 2015

Cancer Patients – 6 Ways to Stay Positive in 2015

With the new year here, this month is filled with people making resolutions, some often too taxing to keep up throughout the year, but all with good intentions of bettering oneself. For a cancer patient, life may feel too controlled by their diagnosis to make many changes or resolutions. Follow these six simple steps and you will find it easier to stay positive this year.

1. Have a positive view.

Everybody has stressors, but if you can do one thing to feel less stressed and more in control, that will help. For example, you can clean up some clutter which will give you a sense of control and help you stay positive.

2. Visualize positivity.

Sit down and imagine something positive that could happen to you in 2015. Imagine you are better and it might help you feel better. Thoughts have a bearing on the physical self, positive thoughts can help generate healthy cells.

3. Choose to do positive activities.

Do things that make you feel good and help you stay positive. Add some music to your life. If you listen to uplifting music it can help you feel better. Watch programs that have an uplifting message, whether drama or comedy. Be among friends that make you feel good. Make it a point in 2015 to connect with people who you want to get to know better or spend time with old friends that help you stay positive.

4. Keep moving.

Think about one small physical activity you can do to improve your health and that will help improve your outlook on life. A daily walk is a great place to start.

5. Get enough sleep.

When people are rested they feel better and have more energy to have a positive outlook on life. Take naps ­ even for just 10 minutes it will help you stay refreshed and relaxed.

6. Eat plenty of natural foods.

Choose foods as close to their natural state as possible, with as few added ingredients as possible. Eating foods in their natural state can help your body feel less sluggish from digesting heavily processed foods. It can provide your body with more energy to accomplish things and therefore can lead to a clearer mind.

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