Posted by: alisalliance | January 13, 2015

Ali’s Alliance had a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Its January 2015, the holidays are over, you’re back to work, the kids are back to school and everything seems to be getting back to normal. As we get settled into this New Year, we reflect on the past. We are happy to say that we had a wonderful year and a splendid holiday season here at Ali’s Alliance. We hope you also had a great holiday season celebrating with your family and friends.

We take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the generous donations from all of our sponsors and supporters. Without you, none of the work we do on the behalf of so many individuals engaged in the battle with cancer would be possible.

As we advance into this New Year, we are excited to continue our mission “to create and maintain a searchable online database of support and resources available to those individuals and families engaged in the day-to-day battle with cancer and care giving, and to provide support through awareness”.

We look forward to your continued support this year as we strive to create a world with less cancer.

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