Posted by: alisalliance | July 30, 2014

Welcome to Ali’s Alliance first E-Newsletter

Ali’s Alliance welcomes all readers to its monthly E-newsletter. We are excited to present this valuable resource to our supporters and subscribers.

Our Vision

To help people affected by cancer to take charge of their health and improve their lives.

Our Mission

To provide a searchable online database that enhances well being for cancer patients and their loved ones by:

  1. Connecting them to localized services and support for treatment, recovery and bereavement.
  2. Providing access to the latest cancer research.
  3. Supporting caregivers at all stages of the journey.
  4. Sustaining family members through loss and helping them get back on their feet again.
  5. Offering resources for hope and inspiration.

We hope you enjoy our first issue and welcome any feedback you may have.

Join us and let’s get social!

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