Posted by: alisalliance | July 30, 2014

Learn more about Ali’s Alliance

Alison Arnesen Cowan was a 44-year-old litigation paralegal at the top of her career, and an active and enthusiastic member of her church and community. However, all that had changed the last week of January 2010 when Alison and her husband David J Cowan Sr. received the devastating results of a routine diagnostic procedure that revealed a 5 cm malignant tumor.  Subsequent imaging had shown that the cancer was metastatic. Alison and David fought the fight and rode the rollercoaster for eleven months, in the end Alison lost her battle with cancer and passed from liver failure.

The story of the inception and launch of Ali¹s Alliance began on the evening of January 29th 2011. Looking back on the year he and Ali had from the day of the diagnosis, David realized there were distinct phases, so Ali’s Alliance is organized around those phases:

1) Shock, receiving the diagnosis and getting into the system.

2)The Battle, the actual process of fighting cancer and offering the care giving support necessary.

3) Aftermath, the process of bereavement and trying to reassemble the shattered pieces of a life.

During every part of this journey, Alison and David realized that there were services available to help them that were just not easy to find unless they really knew what they were looking for.

Since its formation, Ali’s Alliance has had numerous successes, also receiving grants and donations for the advancement of its work. Recently, on the 7th June, 2014 we held a Casino Night which was aimed to connect cancer patients and caregivers to the help and cutting edge treatments available.

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