Posted by: alisalliance | August 2, 2012

Support, help and privacy.

Oftentimes a person just wants to look, study and learn quietly and at their own pace. I met a gentleman on this trip who is a Cancer survivor and has some other health issues. He simply does not like to talk about his medical concerns.

Most of us know that living with cancer doesn’t just start and stop with the doctors and medical solutions; the fact is that they can be just part of the process. There are many folks out there that are looking for some additional help or support or a little something that will improve their quality of life, but simply don’t want to talk about it. Either they were brought up not to burden others with their troubles or talking about it feels like dwelling on problems that don’t really have solutions.

Two wonderful features of the Ali’s Alliance Cancer Resource List are that a person can peruse all of the registered resources in the area they’ve designated without actually knowing what they’re looking for. The first pass of the search returns all of the registered providers for a designated area. Did you know that acupuncture can offer relief from nausea? Or that diet can have an effect on a person’s immune system? The second feature of the website is that a person can use it in the privacy of their own home and that they use it or take a break as their mood indicates. So there is no sense of dwelling on the problem. If something interesting is found an inquiry can be made or additional research can be done to determine if the service or product has relevancy to the problem at hand.

Years from now when the Cancer Resource List is more fully populated almost any inquiry will yield a wealth of information about resources available locally that most folks would never have known existed right in their own back yard.

If you know someone that provides any service to the community of Cancer survivors or caregivers please ask them to register themselves or their company so that others may find them more easily. This includes doctors, alternative healthcare providers, nutritionists, churches, social workers and direct support organizations. Anyone that helps those managing cancer or those that care for them.

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