Posted by: alisalliance | July 24, 2012

That doesn’t exist ? ?

This is the evening of my fifth day on the road and a wonderful, invigorating journey it has been so far.  Like previous trips I’ve had opportunities to meet and talk with many folks along the way.  Sometimes two strangers on the road is one of the easiest conversation to start.

One of the most common responses I get when I begin to talk about Ali’s Alliance and our Mission is the shocked question, “ That doesn’t already exist ?” and the answer is no.    The American Cancer Society has a site called Cancer org which provides uncategorized links to recognized therapies and they even have a telephone based navigation service.  But ACS will be the first to tell you that they only deal with mainstream Gov’t approved /  FDA sanctioned therapies.  Another is Cancer net which is a publication of Am. Soc. of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and this one is even more filtered for a variety of reasons.  Ali’s Alliance is the only effort existing to provide an all inclusive clearinghouse of Cancer resources, Cancer support  and Cancer help without regard for politics or internal group pressures.

During the time Alison and I traveled this road we became proponents of what is generally referred to as integrated care.  This integrated care model respects virtually efforts to treat Body, Mind and Spirit.  We believe there is a definite place for the Holistic and naturopathic approaches along side mainstream medicine.  But the fact is, that the discussion about mainstream versus other modalities does not begin to touch on the range of other support necessary to find a quality of life while traveling this path.  Lengthy hospital stays require Physical Therapy, Massage and often home nursing support.  Seeking a healing lifestyle often benefits from the guidance of a nutritionist knowledgeable about cancer and its processes in the body.  The stress of managing a chronic illness can often be reduced by working with clergy or mental health counselors. And let’s not forget about the financial strain.  There are organizations in virtually every area of the country that provide direct assistance, and that means money to help you pay bills. 

This discussion just scratches the surface of of the types of cancer support that is available in most areas around the country, but if you don’t know who to ask or where to look or what your looking for, the only way you’ll find this information is by accident or some well meaning person putting the information in your hand.  The Ali’s Alliance website is up and the database is there to use, but we have two great jobs ahead of us.  The first is to reach out to every person in the country that provides service or support to those battling Cancer or those that care for them and get them to register in the database  There is NO COST to register. The second is to reach out to those battling or managing Cancer and let them know that exists and is available for them to use and that there is NO COST to use it.

We need your help in this effort.  If everyone aware of Ali’s Alliance would reach out to someone they know that provides support to Cancer Patients or Caregivers and ask them to register in the database it would be a great help.  If this is not possible for you then a donation to help us do this work would be a great benefit.  Help us today at:   Your donation will help us reach out to Cancer resources across the country and make sure we get them into our community focused database to help them become more accessible to those that need them.

Thanks from the Road  in Winchester, VA

David J Cowan Sr.

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