Posted by: alisalliance | August 10, 2011

Ali’s Alliance Inc launches in South Florida

The Not For Profit Corporation offers support and resources to millions in the battle against cancer

Jupiter, FL, August 10, 2011: The Mission of Ali’s Alliance is to create and maintain a searchable online database of support and resources available to those individuals and families engaged in the day-to-day battle with cancer and care-giving, and to provide local outreach and support cancer research through awareness. This web database will serve individuals from across the United States, and be a portal of undeniable value to those affected in any fashion by cancer.
The Mission will be served as follows:
* Provide a website of resources, links and other strategies for cancer patients, caregivers and friends to learn about options, strategies and other non-treatment specific resources for their disease.
* Provide a website of resources, including videos of stories told by cancer patients and caregivers, to help the cancer patient be a better patient and the caregiver a better, stronger caregiver.
* Provide resources for patients and caregiver in triumph or tragedy.
Ali’s Alliance is unique in that it doesn’t show any preference to any particular type of cancer diagnosis. Rather, the organization desires to provide attainable resources to everyone and anyone who desires to get information, support, and resources regardless of their type of cancer, their particular geographic location, or the stage in the battle they are in.
Ali’s Alliance is looking for volunteers and resource providers throughout the United States. If you would like to get involved and join the fight please visit
To learn more about Ali’s Alliance please visit

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