Posted by: alisalliance | June 29, 2011

June 29th 2011

June 29th 2011 The West coast continues to be overcast, and cool but the rain seems to have stopped, except of course the liquid air they call Fog here. I continue to ride the Route 101 known as the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway for Ali’s Alliance. Today I felt compelled to pull over at one of the many Scenic overlooks to take another picture of Pacific Coast rocks and met a woman who is a Critical Care nurse.  She and her husband are doing a 3500 mile tour of the West. She seemed to be very pleased and supportive of the concept. I am hoping that she will become an ambassador with the “Mainstream” medical community.  This is exactly the kind chance encounter that has been the main produce of the “Riding for Ali” undertaking.  We are spreading the word and asking others to help us.  Virtually every stop I make I am find new friends and acquaintances with a connection to the Ali’s Alliance project.  When was the last time you meet someone whose life had not been touched by Cancer ?   We need the help of people like the Nurse mentioned above and anyone that you may know who provides services to the community of Cancer survivors and Caregivers.  If you know someone who provides services to this community please ask them to sign up at: It is free and will only take a couple of minutes.  Think about it, free networking, free advertising… It will only cost them about 2 minutes.  From the road, Eureka, CA …   djc

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