Posted by: alisalliance | June 18, 2011

June 18th 2011

Lots of wide open space in the Dakotas, not much time for talking but plenty of time for thinking.  Back in Minneapolis / St Paul I met a man in an elevator, just a chance encounter where travelers talk about what they do.  He was amazed at what we are undertaking to do, all the more so because his family had lost two members to cancer.  When was the last time you met someone who had not been touched by Cancer ?  Anyway, he accepted my card with the website on it and said he would spread the word, at least within his family.  Maybe we’ll find a supporter in the mix. I started talking about time for thinking and got side-tracked by the man in the elevator, but what I was thinking about was getting the people that provide the services to register on the in the database.  It is so easy and it is free networking and advertising.  If you know anyone who works supporting cancer survivors, family members, or caregivers please ask them to go to “Join the List” and fill out the form.  Why would they not do it ?  It will take less than two minutes, it’s free and may bring a person in need to their business.  Remember the Cancer Resource List is not just for people donating their time, it is for doctors, nurses, nutritionists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, churches that do outreach work, salon people that do wig fittings, anybody that supports the community of Cancer survivors and Caregivers.   djc

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