Posted by: alisalliance | June 12, 2011

June 12th 2011

No meetings today, just a beautiful ride into the heartland.  The land changes so gradually, but suddenly you’re in these rolling hills and miles of cultivated fields and you realize that the tress are no longer the scrub pine of Florida or the mix of conifer and hardwood found in the Carolinas, but real hardwoods. It’s beautiful and reminds me a bit of the upstate mountains of New York where I spent my childhood and early adult years.  People are open and kind here, but you can tell that economic times are tough.  The area I landed in tonight, Metropolis, IL, was recently flooded and the businesses are just putting themselves back together.  Bad enough when the government makes running or starting a business almost impossible, but when nature gets into the act there is not much you do but pick up the pieces.  All over but the crying as they used to say.  Take care all.

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