Posted by: alisalliance | June 10, 2011

June 10th 2011

Well I am back, having found this wonderfully Air Conditioned Starbucks in Charlotte NC. and the internet works.  Yesterday was an awesome day on the road, but I have to say for the record that unknown metropolitan cities, interstate highways and motorcycles do not make David a happy camper.  Barely made it into Savannah, but managed to find my way right the heart of old downtown Charleston.  Beautiful city, crazy traffic and streets.  I think that street signs should be laid out so that so that someone who does not know where they are going can navigate.  People that live there don’t need the damn signs.

Yesterday, June 9th, I had a wonderful day of travels and meetings.  I met Don Adams from my USMC days for lunch in Savannah.  It was wonderful to catch up, but when the conversation turned to those friends and family members that have passed and how many have passed from Cancer the conversation took a bit more somber tone.  Don’s family is one of those that have certainly paid its toll.  Don was very positive about the value of Ali’s Alliance and very supportive.

Later in the day I met with Ashley Dangerfield and Blaine Parks in Charleston, SC.  Ashley operates an organization called Positive Life Network to connect those that can help with those that need it.  Blaine is an amazing guy who specializes in Realizing the Dream.  My impression is of a life coach who has been there and done that, and a personal reconstructionist.  He pegged me right off.  Lots of enthusiastic mutual support here.  We will do all we can.

The afternoon at Starbucks continued meeting with my friend Cristina Cassidy of Cristina Cassidy Productions.  Cristina has been doing really wonderful video work for a little over ten years and is currently working on a documentary on medical services in Ghana. Over the years she has been great help and support to me in my video production work.  Cristina was immediately on board to support Ali’s Alliance .   Later in the afternoon I met with Alice Hancock found of Green Therapie and Charlotte based organization that promotes integrated therapies for cancer survivors.

Finished the evening with Spent a wonderful evening and enjoyed the hospitality of my long time friends Neil Campolungo and Mara Campolungo. Wonderful evening with a lot of laughs and remembrances. Mara is a partner in Sandbox Solutions a well known Charlotte marketing firm and recently created The Sandbox a Charlotte public Charity helping families with serious needs.


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